Red Deer

Chase the Crown of the Red Deer

Red DeerThe red deer is actually indigenous to parts of Europe and Asia and is very similar to the elk. One distinguishing feature that sets them apart is a definitive crown on the top of the antlers. Known as harts (stags) and hinds (does), the red deer stag, with its regal stature, was a favorite hunting choice of royalty in medieval times

Over the years the red deer was introduced to such places as New Zealand, Australia and Argentina. Bred largely for the venison meat in these areas, the popularity of the red deer stag has carried over into the United States where there are magnificent facilities that cater to the avid hunter. Ranches boasting hundreds of acres play host to the famous red deer and put on a challenge for the most adventurous hunter who enjoys a challenge.

Stone Creek Ranch in Missouri is one such facility and is set on 474 acres of stunning terrain that offers rocky hillsides, dense forest including pine thickets, open meadows and brushy draws that are complemented by natural springs and ponds. The scenery is breathtaking in the Missouri Ozarks but that is only part of the fun.

A spectacular lodge is the foundation of Stone Creek Ranch and offers accommodations for individual hunters or in groups. Large windows surround the structure providing spectacular views of the territory, wildlife and perhaps even a glimpse of the red deer that you will pursue as it roams the terrain.

The lounge is the perfect place of relaxation after the days hunt and its centerpiece is the rugged stone fireplace. For your leisure you can take advantage of a big screen TV or engage in some billiards with your hunting friends or other guests of the ranch. Finally, you can’t help but admire the number and size of the trophy heads mounted around the room as they will only inspire you to get on with the hunt.

Choose your style of your hunting excursion whether your preference is stand hunting, spot and stalk or even 4x4 hunting. Whatever your choice, each will expose you to the majesty of the acreage and the challenge of the hunt.

Stone Creek Ranch is one of the premier red deer facilities in the state and is nestled into the Missouri Ozarks. Hunters from around the world congregate in a fantastic setting and strategize as to how they will track and capture their desired quarry.

Along with the hunt, our mission is one of hospitality and the chance to prove to you that you are at your home away from home.

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A $200.00/ person nonrefundable deposit required for booking. 8 Hunters required to Reserve the Ranch for your group. Missouri Sales Tax, licenses, tips, gratuity, alcohol not included.