Story of The Month

A Present That Lasts a Lifetime
A 285" 5x6 bull Elk taken by an 11 year old boy

Caleb, an 11 year old boy, knew he had received a great present when his brother Shane gave him a trip to Stone Creek Hunting Ranch. Shane had hunted with Stone Creek several times and knew we would give his brother a great hunting experience. Caleb came on the hunt armed with a .270 short mag and wanted a Bull Elk. We hunted hard for the elk all day. Finally right at dark, we spotted the elk we were after walking across the field. We held our positions but once it disappeared into the woods, Shane and Caleb took off after it. They spotted the elk again about 100 yds. away and walking away from them. Caleb carefully rested his gun on a tree and prepared himself. Then Shane used his cow elk call to stop the bull and to get him to turn broadside. Caleb knew his moment had come and touched off his rifle. The sound echoed through the hills. Knowing the moment of truth had come, I made my way over to them, just to see the big elk laying on the ground. It had fallen right where Caleb had shot him. Oh if only pictures could really capture the joy in a person. For the rest of the hunt Caleb had a grin on his face that was priceless.

250 lb. hog was taken with a rifle.

Ghost of The Woods
Hunting a Blackbuck at Stone Creek

The Stone Creek Ranch is a large hunting ranch where animals roam free. Although we had shot a meat hog, we wanted a hunt to remember and boy did we get one. Jason was a returning hunter that had been here the previous year. He was looking for a blackbuck. As we hunted at night we came across one night grazing in the fields. We came around a corner and there he was, but with a leap he was off and running. Not to be easily put off, we let an hour go by and decided to go look for him again. This Blackbuck was smart and as we came around another corner he took off. Jason leapt off the ranger and rested against a tree. I held the light on the Blackbuck but it was already about 60 yards away and gaining distance. Jason fired with a 300 ultra mag. but was just under him. Now the Blackbuck was already about 125 yds. away and still running for the safety of the shadowy night. Relaxing and not letting this precious moment slip pasted, Jason focused shot again. The shot rang out in the night air as the Blackbuck rolled head over heels. WOW what a fantastic shot. Later that night at the lodge we discussed Jason’s pursuit of this Buck over a great rib eye steak with all the fixings. This story had started earlier in the year but Jason could never find him. It had become a challenge and he had then named the Blackbuck "Ghost of the woods".

Night Time Hog Hunting at Stone Creek

Like many of our clients a husband and wife group visited our hunting ranch this September. It was to be an exciting couple of days. This particular group comes to Stone Creek about twice per year to hunt Boar, elk, deer and the other animals roaming free on the ranch and has done so for the last 7 years. This exciting weekend included hunting a 300lb boar at night with a 300 ultra mag. We were out on the ranch spotting and stalking hogs. This can be the most exciting part of a hunt and we wanted to get a hog worth talking about. All of a sudden we came across this hog laying in a wallow. Knowing we had the jump on him, we shined the light on the hog. Realizing that he was in trouble, the hog tried to run but it was too late. Mellissa focused her 300 ultra mag on the hogs 300lb body and dropped him with one shot to the chest. We trekked back to the comfortable lodge with our prize. When we got the 300lb boar into the light we noticed that he was cut up pretty badly from fighting with other hogs on the ranch. Mellissa and her husband decided to mount this hog so we prepped it by caping it out for them.

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