A Few Tips to Make Your Hunt Easier

Before you get started, here are a few things to make your hunt more successful each time you go out.

Plan the hunt. Try to think where the fallow deer or blackbuck antelope would be and concentrate your efforts on those areas. Look for areas with warm sunny faces in cold weather, areas with a lot of feed, and cover for you. 

 Remember to take a good map and compass or a handheld GPS device. Map out the area and where you will be going. You do not want to get lost when the sun starts going down.

Know where to hunt for the season. Animals will be in different places at different times of the year. For example spring and summer are good times to find deer in the open while the depths of winter the deer are more likely to be in the brush.

Use the wind to your advantage. Whether stalking or still hunting make sure that you are hunting into the wind or with still hunting waiting down wind. Fallow deer and blackbuck antelope have a great sense of smell and if they get your scent they will be long gone before you even get close.

The early bird catches the worm. Early morning and the evening tend to be the best times for fallow deer hunting. You want to be out hunting at first light and out at last light. This especially applies to hunting tops and clearings. This is when your chances will be the highest. You can still shoot something during the day, but it will prove to be a little more difficult. Bush stalking can also be productive throughout the day, but again best early morning and late evening.

 The quieter you are the better.  Soft lighter boots are better for stalking. Try to avoid raincoat fabric and hard canvas type fabrics that can be loud when scraping through the bush.

When fallow deer hunting  from tops, clearings, and river flats make sure you have a good pair of binoculars. Spend a lot of your time looking from areas that give you a good vantage point. Also look for pieces of an animal as well as the whole thing. Sometimes only a small portion of the animal is visible. Sometime you may only see an ear or tail. Also try to look through the forest rather that at it.

Be persistent with blackbuck antelope hunting. The longer you are out, the higher you chances of getting an animal will be. The hunter who is out for 8 hours will be more successful than the hunter who is out for 1 hour.

No matter whether you are blackbuck antelope hunting or fallow deer hunting, we have expert hunting guides to help. You will feel right at home in our luxurious lodge with a billiards table and big screen television.  This coming fallow deer hunting season plan a hunting trip that you and your family will never forget, give Stone Creek Hunting Ranch a call at (573) 435-0188 to schedule your next hunt.

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