Buffalo Hunts, Aoudad Ram Hunting Test Your Strength and Endurance

Both novice hunters and experienced hunters can encounter a battle on Stone Creek Hunting Ranch against some of nature’s toughest beasts. You can choose your battles though and even your weapon. The ranch provides deer and exotic hunting. You can book aoudad ram hunting packages or buffalo hunts.

Compared to buffalo hunts, aoudad ram hunting may seem like an easy take. Do not let their resemblance to sheep distract you from their outward curved horns. Aoudad rams also knows as Barbary sheep, can be found naturally in northern African countries. They have been introduced into North America and are found in deserts and along mountains. Usually, aoudad rams have red or tan coats with a light color version on their underside. Both sexes will have thick, triangle-based horns that have an outward curve. Aoudad ram hunting will provide you with a great addition to your collection.

Buffalo hunts make aoudad ram hunting look like nothing. This is mostly because of the large creatures themselves. Buffalo or bison can easily weigh over 2000 pounds. Their weight does not slow them down though. They are known to be quick, agile beasts that can become dangerously irritated if a hunter gets too close. The male is slightly smaller than the female. Their head and forequarters are the biggest part of them buffalo. The head contains two short, slightly curved horns, which can be up to two feet long.

Stone Creek Hunting Ranch provides you with exotic animals usually found all over the world. You can book hunting packages with us today by calling 573-435-0188.

Exotic hunting ranch offers: Buffalo Hunts. Aoudad Ram Hunting.

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