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Hunting is not only about finding and taking down that prized deer. It is also about outsmarting a creature and Stone Creek Hunting Ranch has strong, healthy animals of all species from deer, buffalo, four horned sheep, and antelope. You will find an interesting challenge on dama gazelle hunts. Blackbuck antelope hunting may prove to be harder than you may think.

Although blackbuck antelope and dama gazelle are not as large as buffalos, their horns and quick speed act as a defense against their predators. While on dama gazelle hunts, you will be surprised at the gazelle’s graceful leaps from danger. They are unable to maintain high speeds. They, however, will take off when they notice any trouble. Have your bow or rifle ready when on dama gazelle hunts to get the prize.

Blackbuck antelope hunting are also slender creatures normally weighing 55 to 70 pounds. Compared with other mammals, they are thin animals. Their body length can be anywhere from 3.3 to 4.9 feet long. Blackbuck antelope displays shoulder heights no larger than 2.8 feet. Their usual ringed horns will prove to be a great accompany to your collection. Blackbuck antelope horns are vertical with one to four rings in them. The horns can be use to 31 inches long.

Their slender build and low weigh factor into their greatest defense –their speed. Blackbuck antelope speed allows them to travel at large speeds at long distances to put plenty of room between them and their predator. Blackbuck antelope hunting and dama gazelle hunts will display your accurate hunting abilities before other hunters. Book your hunting experience package today by calling 573-435-0188.

Exotic hunting ranch offers: Dama Gazelle Hunts and Vlackbuck Antelope

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