Working with a Hunting Guide

Best Missouri Trophy Deer HuntingGoing on guided deer hunts is an experience that can change how you view your hunting trips. Many people have the wrong idea about it, imagining that what makes the hunting experience is stripped away as someone walks you up to a deer, points and tells you to shoot. There are also too many deer hunting guided disasters, where farms and ranches promote themselves as hunting lodges only to have such poor stock it is more like shooting ducks in a barrel than an exciting and rewarding vacation. If you understand the basics of what working with a hunting guide can bring to your trip, then you will be better able to tell which Missouri deer hunting guide and ranch is best and invite the experience.

What Skill Means

Here at Stone Creek, we value the hunt and the hunter as an engagement in the perfection of skill. When you are on a Missouri Trophy Hunt, you are working your skills as a hunter to their maximum, but you also want to make sure that you don’t leave your hunt empty handed. Our guides are highly trained to help you locate your deer, elk or boar on the ranch without treating you like you couldn’t find them yourself. The goal of the guide is to do just that, to guide you. These are full time hunters and trackers who have experience to share to help you increase your skill and obtain your Missouri trophy hunt. Every hunter comes with their own experience and our guides respect that. What they know is how the animals have adapted to Stone Creek so they can help you develop your hunting skills as a focused exercise. There are over 474 acres of land that the animals move in and you have your pick of how you want to hunt. In many ways, working with a hunting guide is much like going to an intensive conference. Depending on where your focus is will determine what aspect of your skill you develop. Stone Creek hunting guides can handle different goals and skill levels in groups so it makes it easier for you to invite a group of your friends along with you on your hunting trip.

After the Day is Over

The other benefits of working with a hunting guide is they will take care of coordinating all of your gear, getting you into the woods for the day and then back out at night. Along with pre-scouting and game handling, a good guide is always the best way to learn new skills and tactics for a successful hunt. At night, the lodge is yours to relax in, and enjoy great food and entertainment while your guide makes sure everything is set for the next morning. One of the main attractions, besides the big screen TV and billiards table, is the collection of trophies mounted in the lodge. The night is a good time to plan strategy and review the day. Whether you are choosing to hunt by foot, 4x4, or using one of our stands you will be rested and ready to go.  If you are looking for the best deer hunt this season, contact us and we can help match you to the right guide for your group and your goals.

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