Hunting Axis Deer in Missouri

Looking for an all-inclusive Axis deer hunting adventure? Stone Creek Hunting Ranch, where you can hunt trophy-sized game, spans over 400 acres in the Ozarks of Missouri. If you love to hunt, you will love deer hunting in Missouri.

At Stone Creek, the Axis deer are plentiful, beautify and without firearm restriction. Our special hunting packages are packed with amenities that will ensure the best possible Axis deer hunting experience.

An Axis deer is a reasonably large, spotted deer that has three tines on each of its antlers. The tine at the brow almost forms a right angle with the beam and the outer tine of the terminal fork is considerably larger than the inner tine.

This deer has a gland-bearing cleft located on front of the pasterns of its hind foot. Its upper parts are primarily brownish in color with abundant white spots, while the abdomen, ears, inner legs, rump, throat and underside of its tail are white. It also has a dark stripe that goes all the way from the nape to the tip of the tail.

A male Axis deer on average measures about three feet in height at the shoulders and can weigh up to more than 180lbs. The females are smaller in height and usually do not have antlers, weighing only about 55lbs to 100lbs. At Stone Creek, you can take home a beautiful trophy buck for only $2,500.

If you are watching your weight or cutting back on red meat, a successful Axis deer hunting expedition at Stone Creek can provide you with one of the most tender and best tasting wild game meats you will ever find. The leanest of all mammals, the meat of the Axis deer is 99.8% fat free.

Axis deer are thriving at the Stone Creek Hunting Ranch, mating year-round unlike any other species of deer. In addition, these deer can live up to 20 or 30 years. Therefore, it is almost certain that you will come within shooting range of a trophy buck when deer hunting in Missouri in our wild environment.

Axis deer hunting can be quite challenging due to the intelligence of the species. At Stone Creek, you can enjoy Axis deer hunting with a firearm or bow by spot and stalk, 4 x 4 or on stands. We can accommodate hunters of any experience level, even those with physical disabilities. Bring your family or friends for a rewarding experience deer hunting in Missouri.

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