Hunting Tips Every Hunter can Use

After our own experiences, talking with several elk hunting guides and reading several experiences from some the most successful and unsuccessful buffalo hunts, we have come up a list of tips to make your hunting trip fun and successful.

1. Lodgepoles are easier to hunt in. They make it easier to see as opposed to fir patches that are too thick to follow. Big patches of timber are the best.

2. Pay attention to the weather. Knowing what conditions are ideal for elk of buffalo will help make your hunt more successful. Snow can make it easier to spot elk tracks, as well.

3. Check how they pee. If they pee behind the back feet, it’s a cow. If the pee is in the middle of all four feet, it’s a bull. Also, watch if tracks go around narrow gaps in the trees. A big bull will go around because of his rack.

4. Know the wind. If the wind is not right, you may want to wait so they do pick up your scent and leave the area.

5.  Bulls will often do a hook uphill and lie so they can look back at their tracks. Walk far enough uphill from their tracks to see them and keep looking ahead.

6. Don’t waste time if there are cows in a bunch group of buffalo or elk. There are too many eyes and you will probably be spotted.

7. Elk hunting guides will tell you that elk get lazy in the middle of the day. They are usually full from the night before, which makes hunting them after 9 or 10 in the morning easier. 

8. Knowing the terrain is a huge advantage.  If you know the lay of your land, you will have a better chance of knowing where to go.

9. Buffalo hunts will prove to be a lot more successful if you know where they like to lay. Also, take into consideration that buffalo may be big but they are good at blending in, making them harder to spot.

10. Carry a map or GPS device with for a couple of reasons. You can mark the where the tracks are, see patterns, and make sure you don’t get lost.

11. Dress for the hunt. Don’t where clothes that will make a lot of noise when you walk or brush up against something. Soft sole boots and soft non-canvas clothing camouflage clothing is ideal.

We have 474 acres for elk, buffalo, deer, and other animals to roam and with the help of our elk hunting guides at the Stone Creek Hunting Ranch, you will have an unforgettable experience. Our comfortable lodging and Missouri terrain are sure to make us your number one choice for all of your hunts.  Make sure that your next buffalo hunt is one your will remember forever. Contact us today to book your stay.

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