Choosing an Exotic Big Game Hunt

For many hunters, the chance to go on an exotic big game hunt is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Most American hunters cut their teeth on whitetail deer hunting or mule deer hunts. Depending on where you live, you may have also had a chance to try your hand at ram, antelope, moose, bear or elk hunting.

Any hunting experience is a good hunting experience. Still, for many of us, the opportunity to tackle exotic game only comes around once in a while. Chances to go on Sika deer hunts and similar hunts are truly rare opportunities. This is, of course, because these species are native to other parts of the world.

These days, however, it isn’t necessary to pack your gear and hop a plane to Africa, Asia, or Europe to hunt exotic big game. With the introduction of exotic game ranches, you can hunt many of these species right here in the United States. With many game ranches, you can even put together a package which allows you to go on guided deer hunts or hunts for more exotic species.

Guided hunts in Missouri might not be the first thing which comes to mind when you think about red stag hunts or Sika deer hunting. More likely, you associate hunting in the American heartland with white tail deer hunting trips, and possibly with guided elk hunting. After all, the whitetail hunting in Missouri is legendary. You may even know people who have gone on trophy elk hunts with an experienced guide.

What many hunters don’t know, however, is that many exotic species can also be found on game ranches throughout the American Midwest. These days, there’s no need to travel abroad to enjoy an exotic hunt. You can go on Sika deer hunts or guided deer hunts, and more without ever leaving the country.

Choosing the right outfitter and the right game ranch can make a difference on any big game hunt. The better outfitters can provide you with a completely guided hunt while still putting you in the midst of Mother Nature and giving you a true exotic big game hunting experience.

In the end, the choice of which game to hunt is up to you. Whether you want to go whitetail buck hunting (for the chance of a true trophy whitetail buck), guided elk hunting (for a true trophy animal), or you have a taste for something a bit more exotic, the choice of where to hunt is more important than the choice of what to hunt. Make sure you choose an outfitter who will work with you to make sure that your guided hunt is truly the hunt of your dreams.

At Stone Creek Hunting Lodge in Missouri, we offer a wide variety of hunting packages, from buffalo hunting to guided elk hunting to trophy whitetail hunting to axis deer hunting, fallow deer hunting, and more. Contact our friendly outfitters and we will be happy to put together the perfect exotic big game hunting package for you.

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