Guided Buffalo Hunts in Missouri

Located in the beautiful Ozarks of Missouri, Stone Creek Hunting Ranch provides the best in buffalo hunting. Our quiet comfortable accommodations make Stone Creek a place your entire family or group of friends will love.

The 474-acre hunting area here varies greatly. You will find rocky hillsides, brushy draws, wooded ridges and plenty of places for buffalo to roam. Buffalo hunting guides will provide you with an unparalleled experience on stands, by spot and stalk or by 4 x 4.

Not only does Stone Creek offer the finest guided hunts in Missouri, we also have a wide variety of campsites and outdoor activities to ensure everyone in your group enjoys their time here, even if they do not hunt. While you are our with our knowledgeable and experienced buffalo hunting guides, your family can enjoy the friendly environment of our luxurious 2200-square-foot lodge, watching the big screen TV, playing billiards or relaxing by the stone fireplace.

The meat that you will score on guided hunts in Missouri for buffalo is very tasty. It is low in cholesterol as well as fat and considered one of the healthiest red meats that you will ever eat. If you are diabetic, many believe that eating buffalo meat may actually improve your health.

In addition to buffalo, you can also hunt Rams, Ibex, Elk, Russian Boars, Black Buck Antelope and more at Stone Creek Hunting Ranch. You can choose one of our affordable hunting packages, or custom build a hunt package. Give us a call to find out all the details you need to plan the best possible guided hunts in Missouri.

Our buffalo hunting guides will work to get your within shooting distance of cows and trophy buffalo bulls that weigh 1,200lbs or more. If you are hunting for the meat, take home a tender cow for only $2,500 or an old bull with large horns for your wall with prices starting at $3,500.

Buffalo are unpredictable creatures and have been known to charge both humans and vehicles, so inexperienced hunters should stay with their buffalo hunting guides for their own safety. Call or visit our Contact page to schedule a guided hunt that best suits your hunting level and budget.

Due to the large quantity of meat that they provide, buffalo were a popular hunt among the Plains Indians. They were also sought after for glue from the hooves, sinew for bows as well as leather. Buffalo were valuable food source for those traveling west for the California Gold Rush and early Americans on the Oregon Trail.

At Stone Creek Hunting Ranch, we invite you to experience a piece of American History on one of our guided hunts in Missouri.

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A $200.00/ person nonrefundable deposit required for booking. 8 Hunters required to Reserve the Ranch for your group. Missouri Sales Tax, licenses, tips, gratuity, alcohol not included.