Exotic Ibex Hunts. Horn Sheep Hunts

Spend a weekend out in the beautiful Missouri terrain hunting. If you want a new direction or a different challenge then you usually experience, ibex exotic hunting, and horn sheep hunting is the perfect challenge for you. Whether you prefer a rifle or a bow, allow Stone Creek Hunting Ranch the opportunity to provide you with your hunting packages this season.

Ibex exotic hunting provides you with the challenge you have been seeking. Hybrid, Nubian, and Persian ibex usually weigh 200 pounds. Their slightly bent, long horns can range anywhere from 31 to 60 inches. Ibex are a wild goat species. Ibex are able to survive on limited vegetation and they are able to climb among bare rocks easily. They are hard, agile beasts to track, but they provide you with deep satisfaction when you do take them.

Horned sheep hunts can also be conducted on Stone Creek Hunting Ranch. There are a large number of different species of horned sheep available to hunt. For specific information about ibex exotic hunting and horned sheep hunts, contact us today at 573-435-0188. Package prices not only include the animal, but also three days filled with hunting, two night lodging, guide fees, licensing, meals, and dressing and caping of the animal. Book with us for a hunting experience you can find nowhere else.

Exotic hunting ranch offers: Ibex Exotic Hunts. Horn Sheep Hunts

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A $200.00/ person nonrefundable deposit required for booking. 8 Hunters required to Reserve the Ranch for your group. Missouri Sales Tax, licenses, tips, gratuity, alcohol not included.