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Whether you want quick or large animals to hunt, you are provided the very best. Hunting is made easy at Stone Creek Hunting Ranch. With a wide variety of exotic animals available for hunting, you will find something for everyone in your party. Join mule deer hunts or Pere David’s deer hunts to discover the beauty behind the sport.

Just glancing at mule deer, you will discover many similarities to its cousin, the whitetail buck. They are indigenous to the United States and are usually found in Rocky Mountain areas. Mule deer hunts will still include the challenge of catching a quick beast only with several different characteristics. Mule deer have mule-like ears, black tails, and unique antler configuration. With mule deer hunts, you will notice the bounding leaps common to mule deer. These marvelous animals land with all four feet on the ground at the same time.

Pere David’s Deer hunts will be the complete opposite of the adventure you will have with mule deer hunts. Pere David’s deer are extinct in their natural habit, China. The deer are large beasts compared to mule deer ranging from 330 to 400 pounds with a 1.5 meter shoulder width. They prefer marshland with plenty of water. Looking at Pere David’s deer you will find similar characteristics of a cow (hooves), donkey (tail), camel (neck), and horse (face).

Pere David was a French missionary and naturist who told the Western world about the deer he observed in the Imperial Hunting Park in 1865 in China. Most of Pere David’s deer was killed during the Boxer Rebellion. However, illegally several deer had been moved to Europe. These are the antecessors of the today’s Pere David’s deer.

Whether you enjoy quick moving, slender animals, or large, slow moving beasts, we provide you with a variety of exotic animals to hunt with guns or bows. Call us today at 573-435-0188 about what your mule deer hunts and Pere David’s Deer hunts packages can look like today.

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