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For an extremely challenging and exciting hunt, Stone Creek Hunting Ranch also has wild boar. Razorback boar hunts and Russian boar hunting will prove to be a much difference experience than deer hunting. Both novice and experienced hunters will enjoy wild boar hunting.

Razorback boar hunts can be conducted with a bow or a rifle. Razorback boars are wild domestic pigs. They can weigh up to 441 pounds. One of the main differences between domestic pigs and razorback boar is their coats. While razorback boar hunting, you will notice a wide range of colors from black, white, brown, or spotted. They get their name because of the prominent ridge of hair mounted to the spine. Males have both upper and lower tusks.

Russian boar hunting will provide you with the challenge you have been dreaming of in your hunting experience. Russian boars are native to Europe and Asia. For hunting purposes, they have been introduced to North American and countries in both Central and South America. Even though they have poor eyesight, Russian boars make up the lost sense with their power smelling and hearing abilities. Boars also love to hunt. Russian boar hunting draws both novice and experienced hunters because of the boar’s strength and massive tusks. The tusks are used to uproot anything they can find on the ground. Tusks can become dangerous while hunting them.

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