Red Deer Hunting. Fallow Deer Hunting. Exotic Hunting Ranch Adventures.

Step onto the beautiful countryside of Stone Creek Hunting Ranch in Missouri and encounter a hunting experience you could not find anywhere else. With rocky hills, natural lakes and the smell of wildlife all around you, you have the opportunity to undergo an adventure you will find no place else. Look no further than hunting for the challenge to use your bow or rifle for red deer hunting and fallow deer hunting.

Red deer hunting allows you to trace and discover the fourth largest deer species. Other than the moose, elk, and sambar deer, the red deer is a huge reward for any able hunters. Most stags weigh at most 530 pounds and females up to 370 pounds. You will be stunned as you encounter this astonishing beast. With a bright red-brown coat in the summer or long, thick brown coat in the winter, red deer hunting gives you the ability to add a full size creature with branching antlers to your collection. It is not uncommon to find a deer with 12 points when red deer hunting.

If you would rather have a small animal, fallow deer hunting is appropriate. From the Mediterranean and Middle East regions, their red-brown coat covered in white spots are an amazing find. Not only is their coat breath taking, but also their shovel-shaped antlers are unique. The female is small with the same color sequence. While fallow deer hunting, you can find fallow deer with a 2.3 to 3.11 feet shoulder height and weighing 88 to 220 pounds. The palm-shaped antlers can be anywhere from 1.96 to 3.11 feet long.

Red deer hunting and fallow deer hunting allow you thoroughly to enjoy yourself among nature. We have hunting packages available to meet your every need. Contact us immediately at 573-435-0188 to find out more information about how you can get the most out of your hunting experience.

Exotic Hunting Ranch Adventures for Red Deer Hunting. Fallow Deer Hunting.

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