Axis Deer Hunting. Sable Hunting.
Exotic Hunting Ranch

You can experience exotic hunting by purchasing a sable hunting or axis deer hunting package at Stone Creek Hunting Ranch for the season. With creatures originating from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and East Africa, bow or gun hunting is available right in Missouri. The ranch is on interesting countryside. You can hunt on rocky hills, run through natural springs, and rest against tall pine thickets.

Sable hunting gives you an East African experience without leaving Missouri. In the wild, sables, a form of antelope, are endangered. They are prey to wild animals, poachers, and hunters in Africa. Their short neck, long face, and dark mane will entice you. If you have, a collection of interesting animals with dynamic horns, sable hunting is the sport for you. Both the male and female have vertical horns that curve backwards. The horns can be up to 5.5 feet long.

Traveling to India, Sri Lanka, or Nepal may not possible, but you can enjoy axis deer hunting right here in Missouri. Their burnt orange coat covered in white spots is attractive. Axis deer hunting allows any amateur or experience hunter to hunt the 150 to 250 pound buck. Another great feature of axis deer is their large, upward bent antlers. Six point antlers is a common find in axis deer hunting.

We have many hunting packages available for all of our hunters no matter your experience level or budget size. Do you have a question about hunting? Give us a call at 573-435-0188 and we are happy to point you to the correct answer. Ask about our hunting packages when you call.

Exotic Hunting Ranch offers: Axis Deer Hunting. Exotic Sable Hunting.

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A $200.00/ person nonrefundable deposit required for booking. 8 Hunters required to Reserve the Ranch for your group. Missouri Sales Tax, licenses, tips, gratuity, alcohol not included.