Wildebeest and Watusi Hunting.
Be Changed by Exotic Hunting .

Watusi exotic hunts will change the way you hunt forever. No longer is hunting just about tracking beautiful deer. There is a wide variety of exotic animals from the entire world available on the Stone Creek Hunting Ranch for you to hunt.

Watusi is no light beast. A form of cattle, the bull can weigh up to 1500 pounds. You do not have to travel to Africa for Watusi exotic hunting. Missouri’s beautiful Stone Creek Hunting Ranch allows you to trace your own purchased prey. If you are new to tracing and hunting, we have tracking guides available to help lead you to this massive beast. Watusi is a hump-less cattle with a horn width up to eight feet thick. Your watusi exotic hunts adventure is waiting for you.

Another hunting package is also available. Wildebeest hunting targets the broad muzzled, large headed, box-like water buffalo. This prey can be 4 feet 2 inches to 10 inches wide in the shoulder and develop eight feet length horns. If horns interest you, wildebeest hunting of both male and female wildebeest is available. Both sexes grow thick and long horns.

Whether you are considering watusi exotic hunts or wildebeest hunting adventure, call us today at 573-435-0188 to set up your hunting packages. Give us the opportunity to provide you with a great experience by contacting us today.

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