What makes the Elk Hunting the Pinnacle of the Season

elk hunting guides and packagesTrophy elk hunting is considered by many to be the pinnacle of the season. The only thing comparable is a wild boar. There are similarities to the hunts which are why they are set apart from the regular hunting expedition, but the elk remains in a class by itself. It is not just that these are majestic animals, or such large ones, but the elk is a master at survival, can withstand injury and when cornered, can put up a fight that can be daunting.  Deer hunting in MO should always include a reserved hunt for elk; you can’t get distracted while you are in the field by anything else that comes by. To hunt an elk speaks of the quality and focus of a hunter’s mind. To bring home an elk as a trophy is testament to the hunter’s skill.

Putting the Package Together

Putting elk hunting packages together requires that you look at several different options. The first is the length of time you will have for the hunt. Next, you want to consider your party. You need to realistically know the skills and ability of each member before setting the goals for the hunt. It may be more realistic to determine that it is your trophy hunt, but just a deer hunt for them. You also need to make sure that the right weapons and gear are available. Stone Creek Hunting can help you make arrangements for everything from shooting supplies to matching you with the right elk hunting guides for your party. If you have a broad range of hunting ability in your group, you need a guide that is versatile and can teach a beginner while giving you, the expert, the next level in experience. Once you have taken care of the logistics of the elk hunt itself, it is time to turn your attention to the accommodations. Roughing it goes out of style in your late 20s. When you get serious about your trophy trips you learn to value the recuperative tonic of a solid evening of good food, good entertainment and good rest. Your hunting guide will make sure that everything is set for the morning so you can relax and enjoy some sports broadcasts or play some billiards. You can also talk trophy while learning about all the hunts that brought in the ones hanging in the lodge.

Covering All the Bases

The best way to cover all the bases in planning your trophy elk hunting trip is to contact us to work out the details. We know our land and the flow of the animals and can suggest the best times to get what you want. We can also help you with any special considerations that have to be in place so you can invite who you want with you on your trip. One of our hunting organizers can talk to you about the best choices in shot and hunting approach as well. You may want to try a few styles of hunt on the trip, from stalking to stands; we even offer 4x4 hunts. Whatever your preference is for the hunt, you can make it the highlight of your season without making it a tedious project to plan.

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