Getting the Trophy Whitetail

Half of the excitement of whitetail deer hunting comes from the exhilaration of seeing the flash in the forest and knowing the game is on. Whitetail buck hunting is not only exciting; it is one of the most difficult hunts to conduct successfully. These are large and beautiful animals that have power and speed. A cornered buck can be deadly, even if wounded, so knowing what to do to wear it out before moving in is essential if you don’t want to lose your trophy. Tales of the one that got away or a mobile video of the whitetail disappearing into the brush are just not going to be as impressive as the head mounted on your wall.

Increasing Your Success

If you are looking to make your trophy whitetail deer hunts more successful then you need to consider a guided hunt. With a guide, you have just enough advantage on the terrain to maximize the hunt. You will spend less time fumbling around and more time hunting for that trophy whitetail deer. This is critically important if you are using whitetail hunts in Missouri to increase your networking and solidify business relationships. The more competent and accomplished you can be in the field, the better you will be perceived in the office. The key to this confidence is knowing what your resources are. A good guide can provide you with everything you need to use your own skill to the best of your ability. A guide can also help to bring out skill and teach new hunters in the group so the entire experience becomes more important to them. A good thing to consider is the composition of your hunting party. If this is a solo trip for a trophy, you won’t have to worry about this. If this is a business and bonding trip, then you need to make a list of the skills and needs of each person so the right experience can be created for them.

Having a Goal

You wouldn’t go to work without a defined goal and you shouldn’t approach your game trophy hunting any differently. At Stone Creek, we have our own goals about how many whitetail we want to see our guests leave with each year. You need to do your part by deciding what will make your season great. When you call us to book your package, we can go over with you the finer details of your trip to make sure that everything is taken care of. The lodge can accommodate your party with ease, providing them with excellent food and lodging plus relaxing entertainment. We will discuss with you any needs for weapons and ammo, what hunting style you want to use and if there are any issues with mobility or health concerns for any members of your party. The key to being in control is to be prepared. The more you can prepare your hunting package well, the better able you are to forget the details of the package and concentrate on being in the moment on the hunt.

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